This is terribly naive. What is happening in Palestine is genocide; it is ethnic cleansing and it is apartheid. Since the origins of the Zionist movement in the 1890s through until now, the objective of Israel has been to create a Jewish home in Palestine - all of Palestine. With international backing, military privilege in the Middle East and undisputed rights on the basis of protecting the autonomy of a Jewish state, Israel has effectively rendered the Palestinian population powerless; they are resilient, but they are grieving years and generations of loss, instilled through fear and force.

The human costs of the crisis in Palestine have disproportionately affected the Palestinian people, to an overwhelming extent; Palestinians have not only been denied their land, but their culture, through the appropriation of cuisine and heritage; illegal Israeli settlements continue to sever connections between Palestinian families, with checkpoints further limiting mobility. And don't even begin to insist that Palestinians with citizenship are treated equally. Israel still applies more than 50 laws that favour Jews over Arabs, including the Law of Return that enables a Jewish person living anywhere in the world to become an Israeli citizen while Palestinian people expelled from their homes within the past 70 years have not been afforded the same right.

Striving to live a life defined by empathy | writing about climate change, public health and social justice

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