I'm currently reading through this book, and the reality of capitalism as a counterforce to climate action is already so clearly articulated through her work. Aside from creating a ladder with the rungs cut out that propagates and maintains inequalities between countries, neoliberalism and its regulations has outright hindered and dismantled attempts at climate action.

Early in the book Naomi Klein recounted a powerful (and for me, close to home) example of free trade rules overriding sustainable investments on the basis that favouring local markets went against international neoliberal regulations. Japan and the EU filed complaints against Ontario's green energy ambitions, which were eventually upheld by the WTO. The United States and China have exhibited a similar ping pong game of disputes, as I'm sure many other countries have done over time.

She went on to state, that "rather than compete for the best, most effective supports for green energy, the biggest emitters in the world are rushing to the WTO to knock down each other’s windmills."

That point stuck with me, because it so powerfully summarized the reality that any sustainable climate action will inevitably require system change.

Striving to live a life defined by empathy | writing about climate change, public health and social justice

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