Absolutely! These are fantastic points.

From a human rights and public health perspective, naturally, ensuring that these communities have access to electricity is absolutely imperative. I've spent time working with families who rely exclusively on indoor fires for cooking and the impacts are overwhelming. I do, however, think that the 'leap frog' concept isn't inherently flawed in itself. Emerging economies have a powerful opportunity to bypass carbon-intense options of fuelling their economies in favour of more sustainable alternatives that will ultimately be more beneficial to their wellbeing long-term - the issue is that high-income or well-established nations expect these regions to do so independently. So ensuring access to power is more than just a matter of equality; the means to which it happens is a matter of equity and accountability for past wrongdoing.



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Amanda Hanemaayer

Striving to live a life defined by empathy | writing about climate change, public health and social justice