Amanda Hanemaayer

And there’s still plenty left to fight for

We can’t predict what will happen,” he told me, before pausing for a long-drawn-out sip of coffee. “So why worry?”

Almost instantly my mind ran through a long list of very concrete justifications for concern.

Why worry?

Because the oceans are swelling to engulf coastal lowlands and forests are flaring…

Sustainability is starkly inequitable.

While the fight against climate change rings out as a collective cause, its consequences have never been shared equally. The struggle for some claim to a common future repeatedly leaves behind those who have already borne the biggest compromises to health and wellbeing for the sake of development.

Communities of…

Our choices never really affect only ourselves

A few days ago a video of a woman professing anti-vaccine propaganda circulated through Canadian news and social media outlets.

She was standing in the middle of a crowded public park with a microphone in hand, contesting — as anti-vaxxers do — that current COVID-19 vaccine requirements are a violation…

Photo by Valdemaras D. from Pexels

Amid ongoing instability prompted by the pangs of our current pandemic, national leaders, climate scientists, and environmental activists have gathered together in Glasgow for the United Nations COP26 summit — and possibly our last best chance at limiting the most catastrophic consequences of human-caused climate change.

COP26 is, undeniably, a…

Amanda Hanemaayer

Striving to live a life defined by empathy | climate change, public health and social justice | Substack:

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